Are Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals Better than Batch Feed Models?

Garbage disposal units (akna garburators) are a necessity to keep your kitchen clean and free from bacteria and pests. When it comes to garbage disposal units, there are two dominant models in the market, continuous feed and batch feed. Each has its own merits and demerits. Let’s find out what they are.Feed Garbage Disposals

Batch Feed:

This is the costlier model. It grinds down waste in batches.


•    Safe to use. Only operates when the cover over the feed opening is in place.
•    Best for households with little to moderate amounts of waste.
•    Less chances of accidentally grinding something that is not designed to be processed by the unit such as pieces of cutlery.


•    For large amount of waste, it might take a lot of time to dispose. Such scenarios can easily arise during festive seasons when you are entertaining guests.
•    Due to the delay in disposing off the waste, the waste may rot and attract unwanted bacteria and pests.

Continuous Feed:

As the name suggests, these models are ready to grind from the moment they are turned on. A cheaper and popular alternative, a continuous feed model is the best garburator for houses where the amount of waste in the kitchen is on the higher side.


•    Takes care of the waste fast and swift. You can keep dropping waste into the disposal unit as it is always grinding.
•    If your house generates a lot of waste in the kitchen, you are better off with a continuous feed model.
•    They are cheap so it is easier to find a model that suits your pocket.
•    Since the feed opening of continuous models is open, there are chances of injuries if you are not careful.
•    You can accidentally put in items that are not meant to be in there and by the time you switch off the device, a lot of damage might have been done.
The market is teeming with many brands of models so choose wisely and get rid of those annoying wastes for good.

More information: InSinkErator

Toilet Hygiene and Cleaning Options

American Standard ToiletToilets are essentials in most homes around the world. They are amongst the most used facilities and if not cared for properly, can be a source of infections and other communicable diseases.

No matter if you own a Toto or American Standard, the best toilet hygiene and etiquette is mandatory. Every now and then it may get clogged or spoilt, and may need a little bit of maintenance. But did you know that there are a few things you can do to help the situation before you even think of calling in an expert company? (which will charge you exorbitant prices for a very small issue)

Your first option would be to use a plunger. Because your toilet is clogged, you will need to use something that has a rubber suction to create force to unclog whatever is clogging your toilet. It is important that you place the plunger in such a way that it creates a good enough seal to generate the suction force you need. Start pushing and pulling up; the stronger the suction force the better, keep this going for a few minutes or until you realize that water is flowing in your toilet again, meaning you would have successfully unclogged the toilet.

Your next option is to use toilet chemicals. These are chemicals that are manufactured to dissolve whatever is causing the clogging in your toilet. They work well for drains as well. Simply purchase a chemical, like Drano, and pour it into your toilet. However, it is important that you check the ingredients of any of those chemicals to see if they are safe to use on your type of substance your toilet is made of. Pour the chemical in; give it a few hours and check to see if the toilet is unclogged. If not, you could add a bit more, or give it more time to continue dissolving.

3 Benefits of Better Floor Mops

Floor CleaningCleaning the floor is one of the most tiresome and tedious house chores. Maintaining the cleanliness of your floor is another equally challenging task too. This is because, whether you like it or not, it will get dirty every single day since people in your house step on it. Doing it the old-fashioned way, which is by using a wet swiffer mop, even makes floor washing more dreadful.

However, technology now offers better, easier, more effective and efficient ways to clean your floor. Among your best options are steam mops, which, as its name suggests, clean floors by using steam. Aside from cleaning concrete or hard surfaces, some models can also be used to clean the carpet. Another benefit is that it will no longer require you to buy cleaning agents such as detergent or bleach.

This product possesses special characteristics, which make it a better option. These are specifically about sanitation, ease or convenience and cost.

Sanitizing, not just visually cleaning!

Firstly, unlike the old wet mops, steam mops use steam from a water reservoir that heats up to 120 degrees Celsius. This makes it not only clean your floor, but kill the germs on it as well. Through its microfiber pad, it is capable of banishing grime and dirt from your floor. This consequently makes your home healthier.

Easy operation

Secondly, another good thing about steam mops is that you do not have to exert a lot of efforts just to operate the device. Unlike in the old way, wherein you have to push and pull, back and forth, the wet mop just to wipe the dirt away. You need a bucket of water at the same time too. In contrary, using steam mops saves you a lot of time. This equipment will produce steam in just less than a minute. Once set, you just have to push the button and direct its pad to a specific area of your floor.


Thirdly, but not the least, steam mops are wallet-friendly too. Since it will no longer require you to buy detergent and bleaches, it means that you will save some money. Consequently, you and your family will not be exposed to harsh chemicals anymore. Hence, the chance of spending for emergency hospitalization would be slimmer.